Hillscapes Infracon

From the Chairman’s Desk

Dr. Parveen Nayyar, Chairman, Hillscapes Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, started his career in 1980 and subsequently diversified into multiple business ventures across various sectors. In 2014, during a visit to the stunning hills of Uttarakhand, he realised the profound rejuvenating effect of its landscapes on both body and mind. He founded Hillscapes Infrastructure Private Limited with the goal of introducing this enlightened lifestyle to others. Natadol Hills, situated in scenic Uttarakhand, is Hillscapes’ first project and reflects Dr. Nayyar’s strong belief in nature’s healing abilities. His team of Directors of Hillscapes, Mr. Neeraj Joshi and Mr. Chandra Mohan Bisht are natives of Uttarakhand. Their local roots and deep connection with the rich culture, cuisine, and traditions of Uttarakhand, brings a personalised touch that clients appreciate. Mr. Bisht and Mr. Joshi are the driving forces behind Hillscapes. Moving forward, this team of Directors endeavours to rejuvenate lifestyles by introducing health resorts in the countryside aimed at healing the body and mind in the spiritually-enhancing atmosphere of the mountains of the Land of Gods, Uttarakhand.